Our philosophy

We believe the intersection of true and meaningful relationships between brands, stories and influencers is where the magic happens. We love collaborating with brands of all sizes and categories.

Our promise to you 

We value our clients and approach all partnerships with a client-centric and ethical focus. We will never make recommendations we don’t believe in and will treat your money like our own.

We’re passionate about all things influencer relations. Below is an overview of our services. Don’t see what you’re looking for or have a question? We know a lot of folks in the industry and we are happy to put you in contact with our friends. See what we did there? ;)

Influencer Relations


Do you love the idea of working with influencers but not sure on where to start? No worries! We’re happy to meet with you to figure out if influencer relations fits your business goals and discuss creative ways of engagement.

Strategy and planning

Successful influencer programs start with a sound strategy. We’ll help you figure out the best ways to incorporate an influencer program within a larger marketing campaign, or a standalone program.

Contract negotiations

From ensuring FTC rules are followed to outlining the influencer services in detail to negotiating terms, we’ll take care of the details. We understand what’s possible and what’s not.

Identifying and vetting influencer partners

There are millions of influencers across different categories and social platforms. We’ll collaborate with you to identify the influencer criteria and we’ll search our networks to find you the best partners for your program.

ROI analysis

We’ll work with you and your business and communications goals to identify the right activities and metrics to set your program up for success.

Program execution

Our team manages the day to day details to ensure flawless execution and will provide real-time feedback and considerations to continually optimize your program.

Onsite training sessions

Influencer relations changes all of the time. What’s a naninfluencer? What are the latest disclosure rules? How can a brand best build relationships with influencers? How do you know if an influencer program is effective or not? Let us help!

Media relations

We'll work with you to figure out the best ways to integrate influencer activities into media relations programs. From using influencers as brand spokespeople to sharing influencer-created content with media, we'll strategize the best approach to drive awareness for your brand.

We’re happy to create customized sessions with brands and agencies to go through best practices. We believe that a rising tide lifts all influencer boats - knowledge is power and the more people who understand best practices, the better we all will be in what we do.