A little about us


About Friend of a Friend

Life is built on and around relationships. Relationships with family and friends, relationships with pets, relationships with our favorite things and activities – strong, positive relationships are what connects us and builds trust.

It’s predicted that brands will spend upward of $10 billion dollars on influencer marketing as we near 2020
— Adweek

Friend of a Friend was founded because we understand the power of relationships in the influencer world and we know we can do it better. We prefer influencer relations instead of the transactional term “influencer marketing,” because we at Friend of a Friend believe the foundation of our work is all based on trusted relationships.

It’s predicted that brands will spend upward of $10 billion dollars on influencer marketing as we near 2020, and influencer marketing is no longer the shiny object in the room. When done well, influencer relations proves to be one of the most effective marketing tools with a high return on investment. Even so, it’s still a little like the wild, wild west with changing rules, and sadly, many brands and influencers are making poor partnership decisions, catching the eye of the FTC with improper disclosures, or not understanding how and when influencer relations should be used.

Why choose Friend of a Friend? Influencer relations is Friend of a Friend’s primary focus and we love geeking out on all of the nitty gritty, ever-changing details. We’re here to make your life easier. 


Hi! I’m Christine

I’ve spent the majority of my 15-year public relations and marketing career in the agency world, partnering with brands of all levels – from start-ups to some of the best-known and most-beloved brands in the country, including Aveda, Bath & Body Works, General Mills, Land O’Lakes, Sherwin-Williams and Caribou Coffee. I’ve been lucky enough to have been named one of PR Week’s Women Champions of PR and campaigns I’ve worked on have won a myriad of industry awards. 

My experience and passion led me to launch Friend of a Friend, an influencer relations boutique agency focused on building meaningful and impactful relationships between brands and influencers. I absolutely love collaborating with brands on influencer programs and creating some magic (and action!).

But enough about me. I want to learn more about you and your story. Let’s get started!